Anti-biotics and Vaccines

Since the discovery of the H.pylori bacteria causing ulcers, antibiotics have been used to reduce the inflammation, however, antibiotics are acid and do not contribute to creating an alkaline environment. Since bacteria thrive in acidic waste and where inflammation is high, wouldn't it make sense to understand why the H.pylori settled in the stomach? The antibiotic only treats the symptom and does not get to the cause as is the function of most modern medicines. If you have ever taken an antibiotic you need Higher pH to eliminate the acidic wastes caused by the antibiotic.

Gallstones form as a result of over accumulation of toxic acidic waste which the liver cannot process. Some acidic causes of gallstones are birth control pills and polyunsaturated oils. Appendicitis is cause from the inflammation of acidic wastes. Crohn's disease, colitis and irritable bowel syndrome increased when antibiotics were used to address these conditions starting 50 years ago. It is thought that a virulent toxin created by bacteria resistant to antibiotics, destroys the antibiotics and damages the intestinal walls. Did you know that the measles vaccination has increased bowel disease? In a British study on measles vaccinations which contain formaldehyde, mercury, and diseased animal tissue showed a threefold increase in Crohn's disease, and two-and -a-half fold increase in ulcerative colitis. As you can see the chemicals in the measles vaccinations are highly acidic. If you have had a vaccination of any type you need Higher pH.


Unless you eat self grown or organic foods, the chemicals used in food products contribute the acidic bodily environment. Animals are fed growth hormones and chemicals which are artificial substances. Dairy products are meant for calves, not people and dairy products are mucous forming, which is an acidic response. Wheat is loaded with gluten which is acidic. Several decades ago wheat was 40% protein, unfortunately due to all of the tampering to create larger harvests with a faster growth rate, wheat is now only around 7% protein.

We have become so acidic because of consuming acidic beverages such as coffee, black teas, beer, liquors, wine, any drink with caffeine, carbonated drinks with sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or artificial sweeteners. The phosphorous and sugar in carbonated drinks creates a highly acidic environment, so that carbonated drinks are one of the main causes of calcium being leeched out of the bones to counter act the acidifying effects of the carbonated drinks. It takes 28 to 32 - 8 ounces glasses of water with a pH of 8 to neutralize one 12 ounce carbonated drink.

White salt is also acidic because it has been heated so high that it's chemical origins have been changed, along with the bleaching to make it white and to inhibit clumping aluminum stearate and dextrose (a sugar) are added.

Cooked Foods

If you heat raw foods to 117 degrees or above you have essentially killed the enzymatic properties of the food. The naturally occurring enzymes of raw foods convert those foods to the raw materials our bodies need to rebuild and maintain the body. When raw foods are heated above 117 degrees killing the enzymatic action, the body absorbs the nutrients whether we need them or not and what is not utilized by the body are stored in fat cells, or turned into toxic wastes. Cooked foods take longer to digest or are not completely digested. The undigested food becomes toxic waste.

Cooked foods also cause the body to secrete "excessive levels of hormones," according to Dr. Edward Howell. Those excess hormones contribute to extra weight gain because the on off function of your hormones is "on" far too often.

Furthermore any chemical additive to food confuses our appestat mechanism, stimulating hunger.

When foods are deficient in alkaline minerals of calcium, magnesium and potassium, which neutralize acidic wastes, obesity can occur, due to fatty acids being stored in fat cells, actually to protect the internal organs from the toxic acids.

The more alkaline the body environment the easier it is for food-digesting enzymes to increase, and breakdown food into usable molecules for the internal organs, thus reducing acidic waste, thus reducing obesity.

Fast Junk Foods

Other acid creating factors are deep fried fast foods. Have you seen the movie, "Super Size Me?" All 3 of the physicians were concerned that he was going into liver failure just after 2 weeks on the fast food regime. We now understand that the foods he ate were highly acidic causing him to gain weight, because he was an acidic waste dump because nothing he ate or drank provided alkalizing properties. His body was unable to dump the acids, therefore he gained weight, because his liver was overloaded and unable to process the excess acids.

Food Allergies and Junk Foods

Food allergies and junk foods create acidic debris that can cause irritable bowel syndrome. One Italian study of 77 people found that 74 % were allergic to milk. After being milk free for just three weeks all had a reduction in irritable bowel symptoms. If you have a food allergy or eat junk food, you need help to remove the acidic debris.

Medicated Meat

At least 98% of prescription medication, and over the counter medications are acid forming. You also need to include antibiotics, steroids which are fed to animals that we later consume. Then there is are pesticides and herbicides which are sprayed on to these animals' foods. Some chicken farms feed the chickens arsenic. There has even been a statement by a lead health authority that "90 % of commercially raised chickens evidence cancer." Some turkey breasts have been bleached to be whiter. Some commercially produced red meats are dyed red which is a petroleum (oil) product. Nitrates which break down into nitrosamines have been attributed to cancer causing agents used in preserved meats.


Analgesic compounds such as ibuprofen, and asprin which reduce inflammation are "hyperacidic" and destroy alkaline forming minerals in the blood, causing acidic blood which the kidneys must filter, however, the kidneys are damaged by these high blood acid levels.

Personal Care Products and Household Cleaners

More acidic conditions are created from using personal care products, such as soaps, tooth pastes, hair shampoos, hair conditioners, makeup, perfumes, hair dyes, face and skin moisturizers, deodorants, mouth washes, baby powder and talc, household cleaners, laundry soaps, fabric softeners, air fresheners, ammonia, bleach, carpet and upholstery shampoos, dishwasher detergents, drain cleaners, furniture polish, oven cleaners, dishwashing liquids, antibacterial cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners because many contain industrial chemicals, such as propylene glycol and sodium laurel sulfate, just to name 2 of the over 4,000,000 chemical compounds available for use. The largest pores of the body are located at the head, hands and feet, so absorption through these body locations takes just a few seconds. The other way to absorb chemically acidic toxins is through the nose. Unless you wear a gas mask at all times, there is no way to avoid breathing in toxic chemicals. We have often heard that indoor pollution is 10 times worse than outdoor pollution, with the above listed toxic sources, that certainly makes sense now doesn't it.

You also need to beware of personal care products that say "natural," because natural does not mean industrial chemicals are excluded in the product.

Everyday common chemicals

We would be remiss if we did not mention the poison of fluoride in toothpastes. Mouthwash containing alcohol is a tissue solvent, making your mouth tissues much more vulnerable to acidic substances. Chlorine added to water becomes chloroform when it goes into the body. Have you ever felt energy exhausted from a swim in the chlorinated swimming pool. When swimming in a chlorinated pool, you have just give your body an overload of acid.

Dry cleaning chemicals. Allow your dry-cleaned clothes to aerate before your wear them.

Talcum powder is chemically similar to asbestos and found in many baby products, feminine powders and deodorant sprays, and cosmetics, used to lubricate condoms. Talc was used in surgical gloves and it is no longer used as a glove lubricating substance due to the link to cancer forming conditions, yet it is still used in cosmetics, powders and condoms.

"Most consumers would be surprised to learn that the government does not require health studies or pre-market testing for cosmetics and other personal care products before they are sold. According to the government agency that regulates cosmetics, the FDA's Office of Cosmetics and Colors, "...a cosmetic manufacturer may use almost any raw material as a cosmetic ingredient and market the product without an approval from FDA" (FDA 1999),"]

For more enlightening information please see: Are your beauty products killing you?,

Besides the over 4,000,000 chemical compounds, there are 250,000 new compounds created annually, 3,000 are added to foods, 700 found in drinking water, 400 found in human tissues, 500 are located in under the sink products, and over 800 neurotoxic (brain) chemicals are used in cosmetic and perfume industries. (Source, "Rub A Dub, Dub, Is Cancer In Your Tub?" pg.14)”

Rule of thumb for placing cosmetics on your body, "If you wouldn't eat it, why would you put it on your body."

Soft Drinks

Most people I know drink Soft Drinks with their meals. The sugar in those Soft Drinks, when combined with foods, especially fast foods that are deep fried, create fermentation in the stomach which is a property of the acidifying process? This fermentation does not allow for the breakdown of those foods in your digestive tract, thus preventing nutritional absorption and those undigested foods become acidic debris, which contribute to lowering the blood's pH, and damage arteries and veins by scratching the vein and artery wall, which cholesterol repairs.

The phosphorous in Soft Drinks are highly acid forming and one 12 oz. Soft Drink required 28 to 32- 8oz glasses of water at a pH of 8 to neutralize the acid of the Soft Drink. The body will do anything to keep your pH in balance, remember 7.4 is alkaline and just a few shifts to 6.9, means you die. The body in it's amazing wisdom at knowing how to keep you alive will leech calcium from the bones to neutralize the phosphorous. The word "osteoporosis" should come to mind here. Osteoporosis is calcium loss from your bones. How many Soft Drinks have you taken in that have contributed to calcium loss in your bones. It used to be that Osteoporosis was considered a condition unique to women after menopause. Now you know why men also are being diagnosed with Osteoporosis.

The acid and acid forming properties of Soft Drinks which contribute to acidic blood levels are also filtered by the kidneys. Please be kind to your kidneys and start sipping water.


Smoking depletes the body of oxygen, so that naturally creates acid in the body. Plus cigarettes have many, many chemical additives, one which is Dioxin, a poison, which means it is acid forming. There are 2,000 other chemicals used in cigarettes. Chemicals in your body are toxic and create only acids.


Any type of trauma, whether it is mental, emotional, or physical creates acid forming poisons in the body. Do not suppress crying, it is a reaction to dump acids. The reason we are in pain from injuries is because the area of injury produces acid, with levels going as low as 2.0, which can lead to degenerative and chronic conditions. The news is filled daily with many different kinds of trauma, and even if you are not directly affected, we are all still affected on subtle levels.

What about Electro-Magnetic Pollution?

With all of these toxic chemicals in our bodies, electro-magnetic frequencies enhance or make these toxins much more potent. There are 230,000,000 times more radio frequencies currently, than there was in 1930.

Music Pollution?

Ever find yourself in a restaurant and you notice the piped in music and it seems to annoy you? Music that annoys you is acid forming to your body. It is a truism when some music is called "Acid Rock," it produces acid in the body. Other symptoms of acid forming music can create feeling angry, scattered or confused.