Alcoholism and the Brain

The energy need of the brain are greater than any other organ in your body. In the advanced stages of alcoholism the brain is deprived of oxygen and glucose because the liver is unable to process acidic wastes. These acidic wastes in the brain deprive the neurons of necessary nutrients and eventually the neurons die.

Brain Disease

When you have genetically defective or damaged and injured body tissue, it can become overloaded with toxic wastes due to the tissue lacking essential chemicals such as enzymes, vitamin and minerals, that assist other cellular energetic functions, are restricted due to the tissue damage, allowing acidic waste to accumulate. Debris in the blood such as, ammonia, heavy metals, lactic acid and other acidic wastes accumulate in the brain. Other parts of the body can manifest a degenerative disease due to these acidic wastes that accumulate in the brain. Acidic wastes in the brain can actually cause neuron death which adds to the acidic condition, and the capillaries transport these wastes into the bodies general circulation.

Some mental disorders have demonstrated a build up of lactic acid. When a high alkaline content of calcium and magnesium is available, it makes the lactic acid inactive.

In 1934 French scientist, M. L. Robinet discovered the reason people commit suicide was because of low magnesium content of soil.

Cardiovascular Disease

When your body is overburdened by toxic acidic wastes, and fails to eliminate excess acidic wastes, calcium is taken out of your bones and encapsulates the acidic wastes contributing to bone spurs on your skeleton system. There are times when the acidic wastes are just too large to be encapsulated by calcium and as the acidic waste travels through your arteries and veins it can make scratches or bumps on the insides of your veins and arteries. The body attempts to protect your veins from further damage and will utilize cholesterol to seal the injury, creating narrower and narrower passages. It is virtually impossible for cholesterol to adhere to your artery and vein walls that are smooth. "It is only after the arterial vessel walls become pitted and scratched by acid particles are fatty plaques able to stick to them," according to the research done by Felicia Drury Kliment, an adjunct professor at City College in New York. (The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet.)


Cataracts consist of an insoluble protein which lead to why arteries harden and arthritis results. The insoluble protein results from acidic wastes that bonds with calcium, which is the bodies response to prevent further damage to cells. Furthermore, when there is an over consumption of refined carbohydrates, which creates an insulin blast, which then converts the surplus sugar into sorbitol and fructose, which have a sharp crystalline structure and end up lodging in pits and holes created by acidic wastes, and then they harden, becoming insoluble. This leads to the eye lens being unable to absorb oxygen provided by vitamin B2.


Your cells get nutrients from your blood, and when your blood is overloaded with acidic waste, nutrient and oxygen exchange is severely inhibited. Waste removal from the cells is also impeded. The other things that happen to cells is that damage caused by acidic waste which surrounds the cells can become hard and loose their permeability. These processes are the reason a person with diabetes becomes blind, experiences kidney failure and eventually gangrene is the result. Blood polluted with acidic wastes starve your cells and remember the body will do whatever it must to protect your organs, that is why your extremities become non-functional before gangrene moves to the organs.

Degenerative Diseases

Acidic wastes and oxygen deprivation besides creating an environment for cancer to thrive, also gives rise to thriving populations of bacteria, fungus and viruses, which also excrete their own wastes inside of our bodies. It is highly suspected that these organisms waste, along with accumulated acidic wastes in your body are the underlying cause for chronic and degenerative disease, because they inhibit nutrient absorption, contributing to cellular and organ degeneration. Most types of arthritis are due to a bacteria and have even been found in artery plaques.

Enlarged Prostate

After men develop an enlarged prostate, many experience low-grade infections, arthritis, loose vitality and a decrease in intellect. Stress hormones create chronic elevated adrenal hormones thus leading to a permanent imbalance in organ functions of muscles, nerves, heart and lungs which are then chronically overactive. Then the digestive, excretory and regenerating systems unfortunately function at a reduced metabolic rate, thus leading to an inability to eliminate or dispose acidic waste. Those wastes clog your blood vessels, causing your cells and the extracellular fluids to become poisoned, leading to organ system degeneration.

Manufactured chemicals are not able to be made inactive by your liver, or broken down by your digestive tract, nor can they be eliminated by your kidneys or lungs, so those artificial chemicals end up being stored in the liver or go back into circulation. Now add those artificial chemicals to the undigested junk food which becomes acidic waste which seeps out of your capillaries and on into the extracellular fluids of your prostate and it becomes inflamed. Also the capillaries of your prostate become clogged due to the acidic waste and which prevents your prostate from getting the necessary nutrients, oxygen and adequate blood supply.


Gallstones are due to an over accumulation of acidic wastes. Gallstones are the body's way, via the liver to attempt to keep the body from becoming too acidic.

Gout and Osteoarthritis

Gout leads to osteoarthritis because acidic wastes become solidified from mineral salts and then deposited in the skeletal joints the same as with gout. Osteoarthritis results from many different kinds of acidic wastes, such as a poisonous by-product of fatty acids from cholesterol, acetic acid and lactic acid. Gout results when there is too much uric acid.


An old Arabian remedy used an herb placed under the skin on the location of the pain causing the headache, which actually drew out pus. What was contained in the pus was acidic wastes from cell debris, and bacteria that feed on the acidic waste.

Acidic wastes gravitate toward injured tissues because the damaged tissues have little resistance to protect themselves because of their inability to take in the necessary nutrients due to the damage. The acid in the damaged tissues causes inflammation leading to a headache.

Inflamed Appendix

Appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix due to too much acidic wastes.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chron's Disease, Colitis

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chron's Disease and Colitis have their roots in the measles vaccine according to a British study, due to the "formaldehyde, mercury and diseased animal tissue in vaccines that all contribute to the breakdown of the intestinal tissues." Formaldehyde, mercury and disease animal tissues are highly acidic to the body.

Kidney Disease

Normal blood alkaline level is 7.4. A measure of 6.9 is fatal. The body will do whatever it can to keep you alkaline. Too keep you alive your kidneys filter acidic wastes from your circulatory system, which they were never meant to do. When the liver is overworked or congested it dumps back into the bloodstream acidic wastes, which is then sent to the kidneys to filter and remove.

Kidney Stones

When the body does not have enough alkaline forming minerals which neutralize the excess acidic waste in the blood, your urine is highly acidic. Highly acidic urine causes particles in the urine to stick together eventually forming kidney stones.

The link between Diabetes and Kidney Disease revealed

Immunizations create an overburden on the kidneys, due to the high load of toxins in the vaccines. One example is the polio vaccine which has 28 foreign compounds not recognized by the body, which include formaldehyde, and diseased monkey tissue. The polio vaccine give to children just a few days old is believed to have contributed to "millions of cases of kidney degeneration in the young." The kidneys must also filter "mercury, lead, iron, and cadmium out of the blood when there aren't enough alkaline minerals and phagocytes in the liver to neutralize these heavy metals." When the liver is further overburdened and cannot convert to weaker acids, such as acetic, lactic and sulfuric acid, they kidneys must also take on this filtering burden. If you have excess blood sugar the kidneys must also handle this burden. Now you know why Diabetes and Kidney Disease are related. The kidneys do not have the ability to convert acids and other toxins into less toxic substances, nor can they regenerate like the liver or lungs. The best way to hydrate the kidneys is to sip water, not guzzle it. The kidneys can process about 4 ounces of water an hour. Guzzling liquids or water adds stress to the kidneys. Be kind to your kidneys and help them process at their own pace.

Kidney Stones

When the body does not have enough alkaline forming minerals which neutralize the excess acidic waste in the blood, your urine is highly acidic. Highly acidic urine causes particles in the urine to stick together eventually forming kidney stones.

Some symptoms of too much acid in your body...

Acne, agitation, muscular pain, cold hands and feet, dizziness, low energy, joint pains that travel, food allergies, chemical sensitivities to odors, gas heat, hyperactivity, panic attacks, pre-menstrual and menstrual cramping, pre-menstrual anxiety and depression, lack of sex drive, bloating, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, hot urine, strong smelling urine, mild headaches.


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