Schuessler Salts and their attributes

Calcium fluoratum: Hardens bones, teeth, is naturally occurring in your bones and teeth, also your tendons, skin, ligaments, blood vessels. Calcium fluoratum has the unique capacity to correct the physiology of tissues by returning them to their natural functional state, i.e. restore the tissue that has become hard and meant to be soft, and vice versa.

Silicea: Provides stability to your skin, hair, joints, connective tissues, nails and also repairs joints. Enhances wound healing, bone growth, helps regulate calcium metabolism, assists to protect against arteriosclerosis, binds toxins, stimulates your lymphatic system to produce more white blood cells..

Natrium chloratum: Whereas table salt causes a drying out of our cells, due to sodium chloride being too high which leads to gout, arthritis, kidney and gall stones, and rheumatic conditions. Natrium chloratum is from stone salts and regulates and distributes fluids, is an acid-alkaline buffer.

Natrium bicarbonicum: Regulates acid-alkaline balance, reduces the production of uric acid

Wilhelm Schuessler the Father of Homeopathy

Wilhelm Schuessler concluded that our cells have a specific electromagnetic oscillation allowing your bodies cells to communicate with each other, and this is the underlying principle of the introduction of homeopathics into the body which contain the electromagnetic oscillation or frequency to reverse ailments.

Schuessler’s theory was that a deficiency of mineral substances leads to illness, and providing your body with the minerals it is deficient in, allows your body to repair and heal itself. These minerals contain the necessary oscillation or frequency to stimulate your bodies cells to repair and regenerate.